Human Skeleton, Anterior & Posterior Views
©2005 Alison Schroeer
Anatomical illustration for educational

Alison Schroeer received an MS in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia, an MS in Forest Resources with a focus on Plant Ecology from the University of Georgia, and a BS in Plant Science from Cornell University. This rigorous education in the sciences and her direct involvement in scientific research, form the foundation of her quest for accuracy in her art.

Ms. Schroeer has worked on a contract basis as a Scientific and Medical Illustrator more than a dozen years. Her clients include hospitals, natural history museums, pharmaceutical and publishing companies, universities, and other institutions of research. Before forming Schroeer Scientific Illustration, she was Senior Biological Illustrator for Carolina Biological Supply Company, the largest supplier of scientific teaching materials in the southeast. She’s completed a Scientific Illustration Internship with Cornell University’s Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium, and was awarded the Fellows Internship in Biological Illustration with the Ichthyology Department of the California Academy of Sciences.

Alison’s artwork has been featured in numerous solo and juried exhibits throughout the United States and in Europe. She is experienced in anatomical, surgical, cellular, veterinary, entomological, botanical, ichthyological, herpetological, ornithological, and mammalian illustration.

Ms. Schroeer resides in North Grosvenor Dale, CT with husband Dr. Bryan Carella and their dogs, Abby and Sionnach. When not illustrating, Alison enjoys bird watching and collecting antique natural history illustrations.

Novartis Animal Health, Inc.

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, Inc.

Elsevier Publishing

Carolina Biological Supply Company

California Academy of Sciences

Yale Press

NC State School of Veterinary Medicine

The University of North Carolina

Cornell University

NC State Museum of Natural Sciences

Reptiles Magazine

Cannonball Advertising Agency

Alamance Regional Hospital, NC

North Carolina Wildlife Commission

Sarah P. Duke Gardens


5505 Old Greensboro Rd. tele: (919) 259-0951
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

• MS, Medical College of Georgia, Medical Illustration. (2003-2005)
• MS, University of Georgia, Forest Resources. (1995-1998)
• BS, Cornell University, Plant Science. (1989-1993)

Awards, Honors, and Publications
• Certificate of Merit, UGA/MCG Student Scientific & Medical Illustration Exhibit. (2005)
• Vice President of the Carolinas Chapter of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. (2002-2003)
• Employee of the Month, Carolina Biological Supply Company.(2001)
• Botanical research article from MS thesis published in peer-reviewed journal Ecoscience. (1999)
• First Place Grant award, seminar “Below ground dynamics within canopy gaps in a slash
pine-dominated forest”, Graduate Student Symposium, University of GA.(1997)
• Articles about my scientific illustrations published in Reptiles magazine, Chapel Hill
News, California Wild, and Southern Accents magazine. (1998-2001)
• Dean’s List and Scholarship, Homer and Clara Thompson Fund, Cornell University. (1990-1993)
• Senior Class Art Award; Founding member, Art Honor Society Chapter, Durham Acad. (1989)

Selected Professional Experience
• Schroeer Scientific Illustration. Clients include: Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.,
California Academy of Sciences, NC State School of Veterinary Medicine, Alamance
Regional Hospital, and researchers at universities and natural history museums. (1993-2006)
• Presenter, Illustration Workshops: Medical College of GA, Univ. of NC, NC Botanical
Gardens, Guild Natural Science Illustrators, Conf. Southeastern Bio., Cornell Univ. (1995-2006)
• Senior Biological Illustrator, Carolina Biological Supply Company. (1999-2003)
• Fellows Internship in Biological Illustration, Ichthyology, Cali. Academy of Sciences. (1998)
• Graduate Research Assistant, Forest Ecology, University of GA. (1995-1998)
• Botanical Illustration Internship, Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium, Cornell University. (1995)
• Artist in Residence, Risley Residential College, Creative & Performing Arts, Cornell Univ. (1995)

• Plant Taxonomy Assistant, The North Carolina Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill, NC. (1994)
• Botanical Illustrator and Horticultural Intern, Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Duke Univ., NC. (1993-1994)
• Old Growth Forest Ecology Intern, The Nature Conservancy, Chapel Hill, NC. (1992)
• Botanical Research Assistant for Dean of School of the Environment, Duke Univ., NC. (1990-1991)
• Life Drawing Workshop Manager, Cornell University. (1991)

Selected Solo Exhibits
• Biological Illustrations, The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC. (2002)
• Botanical and Scientific illustrations, North Carolina Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill, NC. (2001)
• Herpetological Illustrations, International Herpetological Symposium, San Diego, CA. (1999)
• Illustrated Study of Insects and Plants, The Grit, Athens, GA. (1995)
• Botanical Art, Risley Residential College, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. (1995)
• Natural Science Illustrations and Stained Glass Windows, The Hardback, Chapel Hill, NC. (1993)

Professional Memberships
• Association of Medical Illustrators. (2004-2006)
• Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (1994-2006).
• Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Carolinas.(1994-2006)
• American Society of Botanical Artists. (1997-2006)