These guidelines will:

  • Reduce image creation time
  • Enhanced your figure’s aesthetics
  • Lead to fewer revision rounds
  • Prevent extra costs to client from figure content changes and avoidable revision rounds


  • Contain final content that has been reviewed and approved by client and all client’s collaborators 
  • Contain all final desired content,  interactions, and labels
  • Do not need detailed images (for example, a T cell can be depicted as a circle if label provided) 
  • Should not be unnecessarily complex or content-heavy. Extraneous information will obscure the figure’s message. 
  • Can be created in PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, pencil on paper, etc.

Sketch submission process:

White grub

Revision process:

Tarnished plant bug
  • Artist sends client pdf of figure (via for review
  • Client and collaborators review figure
  • If revisions needed, please combine all authors’/collaborators’ revision requests and mark as comments on the pdf 
  • Return marked pdf to Artist
  • Artist revises figure and sends revised pdf
  • Team reviews figure again 
  • When figure is approved, Artist sends client final file (typically via